Junior sport Photography
     On the various pages on this website i have endeavoured to explain my motivation for                   photographing youth sport and making those images available for viewing and purchase on this website . In doing so every effort has been made to ensure that the images are not available for unlawful third party download .
In our digital age when it has never been easier to record the sporting exploits of youngsters, and in so doing create a visual memory for them to look back on forever, it seems sad that there are those that view such images with suspicion and would even have them banned altogether.I would ask that you focus on the positive aspects they bring to the individual , the teams and the clubs that are featured on this website.
Ask your Son or Daughter if they would like to see a quality image of themselves enjoying their sport and see the pride and pleasure on their faces , as i have done on many occasions ,as they show them to their friends and families .

                                                                     YOUR SINCERELY

                                      Rob Clifford

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